Diaz accidently takes on you to definitely Jake seems scared since he and you will Rosa is dating, Mr

In the Video game Nights, Jake Peralta was conned by Rosa come to an appreciate eatery within the guise of shopping for your food. She in fact wishes your truth be told there to-be a services on her behalf within her upcoming-out make an effort to this lady mothers. Immediately following Mrs. Diaz makes the assumption which they understands he has never ever appreciated Jake. Jake takes crime to https://datingranking.net/de/uber-50-dating/ that and you may said they struck it off inside their very first and prior appointment, in which they chatted about basketball and then he called it ‘futbol’. Then the time impacts Jake why Rosa’s dad does in contrast to your, to which Mr. Diaz will follow a guaranteeing lookup. Before Jake may get towards the second need in clearing in the misunderstanding, Rosa disrupts your. She birds aside coming out to help you the girl parents and says she is actually is actually relationship Jake and they is actually a few.

Later on into the food, Mrs. Diaz requires just how Rosa and you can Jake “in the long run hook up anyway these types of ages.” That Jake makes up about a good backstory that requires your singing Rosa a song, and you will Mr. Diaz demands you to definitely Jake sings the brand new song. Immediately following Jake are scared toward singing a-sudden made-up sounds tune immediately, Amy Santiago goes wrong with label Jake and Mr. Diaz sees an image of Jake and Amy with her pop-up on Jake’s portable monitor. He comprehends Amy once the an excellent co-personnel off Jake. Rosa jumps in to state Jake and you can Amy is family and nothing is unusual. Mr. Diaz told you he saw exactly how personal Jake and you can Amy featured in the picture. When Mrs. Diaz requires what’s going on, Rosa following declares you to definitely Jake and you will Amy is actually interested. There clearly was a long pause where in actuality the moms and dads stop and are generally hushed. Mr. Diaz following vacations new quiet 2nd when he simply sighs and you can states that’s okay.

He says to Rosa which he allows her to own who the woman is and you will likes the woman extremely, definitely

Rosa requires as to why the lady mothers try okay along with her and Jake’s “love” becoming challenging. Mr. Diaz answered that in case she named these to build this new food, every worried, which they have been concerned she was going to tell them one she is gay. You to definitely impacts a good chord which have Rosa, in which she issues you to the woman parents rather have the lady getting an effective man’s domme compared to a relationship having a lady. Bringing this lady parents’ silence since the a certainly, Rosa establishes the newest listing upright up coming, claiming she and you may Jake are not relationships and you will announces to them you to definitely she actually is bisexual.

The following night, Jake was invited towards Diaz’s friends Games Night in which they all gamble Pictionary. The mother and father wind up on the subject regarding talking about what Rosa advised her or him the previous evening. It said they are not disturb and you will rationalizes that its girl however for example guys, gets partnered, and also a young child. Rosa answers that she will be able to accomplish that that have men otherwise a female, to which the girl father told you it will be that have a man and categorizes Rosa’s bisexuality since the only a level. Mr. Diaz contends that there is no such as procedure as being bisexual however, Rosa counters you to definitely Sure, there is certainly. She demands that the woman mothers accepts her to own who this woman is.

For the defiance, Rosa draws a wedding having several brides when it’s the girl turn getting upwards into the Pictionary features an in-breadth discussion along with her moms and dads into the inquiring these to believe that she may marry so you can a man and you can one to her bisexuality isn’t a period

Next morning, in the 99th precinct, Mr. Diaz comes to visit Rosa at your workplace. He apologizes to possess his poor effect and explains this particular is actually brand new to own your. He admits that simply cannot hope one to he’ll know however, that he is seeking. Both hug it out, and you will after Mr. Diaz discloses one his partner means a little more time.