Design Technology

Solid Boxways

Kitamura Machining Centers feature Full Surface Contact Hardened Solid Box Ways with a 5 year warranty. They deliver unrivaled rigidity and won’t stress even under heavy cutting conditions. It’s your assurance of long-term peak machining accuracy.

  • Up to 1,969 ipm feedrates.
  • Mirror-Finish Surface for unparalleled accuracy. (less than 0.003mm surface roughness)
  • Way Wipers eliminate damage to guideways by chips.
  • Rock-Solid Castings

    Our machining centers feature a combination of superior Table Traverse design and top quality construction.
  • Top Quality Meehanite construction.
  • Table Traverse Design eliminates tool interference and provides for full multi-axis machining because the spindle is always within the workpiece contact range, even at the extreme X, Y & Z stroke limits.
  • Peak accuracy - no compound axis error.
  • Premium Grade Components Throughout

    The best components make the best machines. Ballscrews, spindles, gearing,’ll find only premium grade components on a Kitamura. This dedication to quality, fit and finish delivers unmatched machining accuracy, speed and flexibility.
  • Fine-pitch Ballscrews and high-resolution servomotors deliver unparalleled accuracy.
  • Multi-Step Geared Spindles deliver machining flexibility – high low-end torque for tough cuts and high rpms for fine-finish capability.
  • High-grade electronics and electrical components assure reliability.
  • Advanced lubrication delivery systems maximize mechanical component life.
  • High-Performance Spindle

    Kitamura’s spindles deliver “best-in-class” performance. Available in up to 4-step geared configurations they deliver strong low-end torque and high-end fine finish capability. It’s like getting two machines for the price of one!
  • Rigid dual-contact design stands up to the toughest cutting conditions
  • High-speed tapping functions
  • Spindle heat displacement system
  • Advanced Tool Handling

    Kitamura’s exclusive Fixed Pot ATC provides a host of benefits you won’t find on competitive machining centers.
  • High-volume tool storage capacity - up to 200 tools.
  • Tools are always returned to the same tool pot. The tool magazine keeps the next tool in a standby pot for fast, efficient tool change.
  • Large diameter tools and spindle adapters (angular heads, spindle speed changers and large U-axis heads for 50 taper) can be used without fear of interference tool crashes.
  • Operator can safely access the tool magazine.
  • High Production Capabilities

    Kitamura Pallet Change Systems are designed to handle workpieces safely and efficiently. You can choose from a variety of systems to suit your requirements.
  • Rotary or shuttle type available for VMCs
  • 2-pallet rotating system standard on horizontal models
  • +/- 0.0001” positioning accuracy. Fully automatic operation. Dependable consistent cycle times.
  • Operator can safely set up next workpiece while machining
  • Chip Management

    High-efficiency chip conveyors in combination with coolant shower systems keep the work envelope free of chips.
  • Double decker design removes both large and small chips
  • Assures trouble-free machining, especially during prolonged unmanned machining operation
  • Chips are efficiently discharged outside the machine for easy removal
  • High Performance CNC

    State-of-the-Art Kitamura-Fanuc CNCs are standard on our Machining Centers. They are loaded with numerous high-performance features that many manufacturers offer as optional.
  • Control folds flatly into the machine – saves valuable floor space
  • Kitamura-Fanuc standard control features enable the achievement of higher feed rates, better finish and improved accuracy over other controls that are offered on the market today. A few of our standard features which many other manufacturers consider “optional” include: AI Nano High Precision Contour Control 60m/min
  • Feed with 1mm/block, 1,000 blocks/sec.
  • 500 Block Look Ahead
  • 16 Million Pulse Encoder Feedback System
  • Data Server Upgrade (16mb)
  • RISC-64 Bit Processor with NURBS Interpolation
  • 1280 Meters Memory
  • Ethernet Connection
  • Registered Programs, Total 200
  • Work Coordinate, Total 54 Sets
  • Helical Interpolation
  • Cutter Compensation C
  • Tool Life Management